How To Use MP3 Amplifier

mp3 amplifier
What is amplifying?

Amplifying is the process of increasing the volume of sound using an amplifier.

When You amplify an audio file, it means You are increasing the output of the volume on Your device.

MP3 Amplifier is a free amplifier app that amplifies audio from Your mobile phone or tablet.

The degree to which the amplifier magnifies from 0.5 to 10 (10 being the loudest).

You can amplify audio or mp3 files in 3 easy steps:


Add the MP3 file

By tapping on the + sign in the bottom right corner you can add the MP3 file that You want amplified.


MP3 Amplifier - how to add mp3 files


Choose the MP3 file


MP3 Amplifier - how to add mp3 files



Push Amplify!

Push the Amplify! button located in the top right part of the screen. Done!

MP3 Amplifier - how to amplify


Happy Amplifying!

This is a tutorial for using MP3 Amplifier. It is available for free download here>>>

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