Honey Beellionaire

Honey Beellionaire

Can you become the richest beekeeper?

They say honey is liquid gold. Well, it really is!

In this incremental idle game you plan to become the richest beekeeper of them all.

Tap your way to greatness, or use your army of worker bees and other powerful methods to gather as much of this valuable treasure as possible!

Then invest what you earned into more bees, more technology, more and more gold! Remember, to earn money you have to spend money! ???


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  • Casual incremental clicker gameplay with depth
  • Tap away or automate your earning by purchasing Bees
  • Many different Bee types
  • Full offline earnings - become a rich Beekeeper bear while doing nothing
  • Hundreds of upgrades
  • Various quests
  • Adorable graphics
  • A prestige system that will make you discover new regions

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