Vampire Me

Vampire Me!

Are you a fan of Twilight? Can't get enough of True Blood? Or maybe you're a traditional Nosferatu or Dracula fan? Imagine if You could create a vampire avatar of yourself!

How can I create my custom vampire avatar?

The VampireMe! app helps You create customized vampire avatars! Check out this before/after photo we made!

Vampire me before after


What is VampireMe?

Vampire Me! is an application that lets you vampirify a normal human portrait in seconds!

How does it work?

Step 1:

Snap a fresh portrait - or use one from your gallery - and in 3 easy steps you'll have a nice, sparkly vampire!

There are numerous eyes and to choose from!

vampire me screenshot

Step 2:

Choose from various fang styles! Set their size!

Show what a scary blood sucker you can be!

vampire me screenshot

Step 3:

Lighten that skin, add some sparkles, and share away!

What can I do with the vampire avatar I create?

VampireMe! creates vampire photos in 3 easy steps, and You can save the photo on Your phone. However, You can share the vampire avatar with Your friends - on Facebook, Your blog or You can even tweet the photos - depending on the type of accounts that You've added. You can also email Your photos, by sending Your vampire avatar photos to people as an attachment.

I want a vampire photo of myself!

Try VampireMe! The application is free! It is downloadable from the Google Play store. Give it a try! Create vampire photos of yourself and your friends!

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Make Yourself a vampire!

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